Posted by: ericgrimsrud | March 18, 2013

Welcome to Feelandia

The failure of mankind to recognize and respond to the scientifically clear threat of man-cause global warming does literally blow my mind. I have a hard time understanding why mankind can be so utterly stupid on a subject which will have such an enormous detrimental and perhaps even fatal effect on our children and grandchildren. While I recognize that the general population is not universally well-educated in the various fields of science and the area of climate science, in particular, it amazes me to see how they disregard the recommendations of those who are experts in that area. Certainly, a major reason for this is the humungous snow job that is being done to the intellect of the general public by the omnipotent fossil fuel dynasties that have dominated life on our planet for many decades. But part of the reason is also related to the notion among many that “feelings” and “personal preferences” and “personal opinions” have anything whatsoever to do with what Mother Nature will do in the future in response to the impacts of man.

In order to further explain what I just said, I could go on, but instead will refer you to Peter Hadfield’s U-Tube video that does this much better than I can. Please do have a look at:

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