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For about seven years now I have managed a Blog on this website on which continued and expanded discussions of all aspects of climate change can be displayed.  A complete list of the titles of each of these posts is provided in the archives provided in the right margins of all pages.

An the end of each of these posts, I have provided a means for the readers to provide any “comments” they wish to have attached to the post.  Prior to adding them, I will first read each comment and eliminate any parts that do not concern the specific issue raised in that post. In addition, I will only publish comments which are conceivably supportable by existing scientific knowledge. That is, discussions here will not be of the science fiction variety and I will do my best to focus on real science supportable by experiments and theory.

Alternatively, for a private discourse with me, I invite anyone to email me directly with their comments or questions at  I will do my best to promptly reply.





Early Posts:

Youngsters in court, our best hope?

Posted by: ericgrimsrud on January 30, 2018

2017, the year our climate began to spin out of control

Posted by: ericgrimsrud on January 23, 2018

President Trump continues to play “Rope-a-Dope” with the public

Posted by: ericgrimsrud on January 21, 2018

Why I give St. Olaf College such a bad time

Posted by: ericgrimsrud on December 31, 2017

Yes, there is life without flying!

Posted by: ericgrimsrud on December 16, 2017

Changing the discussion from mere climate change to extinction

Posted by: ericgrimsrud on December 4, 2017

Our commercially centered, scientifically shackled colleges and universities

Posted by: ericgrimsrud on December 12, 2018

James Hansen seeks a new way forward

Posted by: ericgrimsrud on November 18, 2017

Annual carbon emissions reach 10 gigatons!

Posted by: ericgrimsrud on November 13, 2017

More silliness (not) coming out of science?

Posted by: ericgrimsrud on November 10, 2017

With friends like these, who needs ………

Posted by: ericgrimsrud on October 31, 2017

The leadership of St. Olaf College needs to be changed

Posted by: ericgrimsrud on October 28, 2017

The “Pretend World” in which so many now live

Posted by: ericgrimsrud on October 16, 2017


September, 2017

The great nutrient decline

Posted by: ericgrimsrud on September 15, 2017

Second 500-year weather event now upon us

Posted by: ericgrimsrud on September 7, 2017


August, 2017

Our President will have another “Deep Thought” tomorrow

Posted by: ericgrimsrud on August 28, 2017

Pandering versus scolding in politics

Posted by: ericgrimsrud on August 7, 2017



July, 2017

Our ailing political system

Posted by: ericgrimsrud on July 28, 2017

The disparate effects of Christianity on Climate Change

Posted by: ericgrimsrud on July 8, 2017


June, 2017

Science denial and acceptance with selective ignorance

April, 2017

Getting science back into our legislative branches

Posted by: ericgrimsrud on April 20, 2017

March, 2017

Our President’s quest for a better bandwagon

Posted by: ericgrimsrud on March 30, 2017

On the colonization of academia by the fossil fuel interests

Posted by: ericgrimsrud on March 14, 2017

Yours truly on climate change program

Posted by: ericgrimsrud on March 13, 2017


February, 2017

Science squeezed out of our institutions

Posted by: ericgrimsrud on February 17, 2017 recognized by Feedspot

Posted by: ericgrimsrud on February 9, 2017

January, 2017

“Powder keg Earth”, ready to go off

Posted by: ericgrimsrud on January 31, 2017

America First and Climate Change

Posted by: ericgrimsrud on January 22, 2017

Why Republicans take no action on climate change

Posted by: ericgrimsrud on January 12, 2017

December, 2016

“Sir, are you now, or have you ever been, a climatologist?”

On the promotion of global warming by the Trump/Putin/Tillerson oligarchy

Senator Whitehouse on sea level rise

November, 2016


September, 2016

August 2016

Not to worry – BECCS will save our grandchildren! ??

State-aided deception continues in Florida


June 2016

Intergenerational malfeasance in Zumbrota?

Our colleges’ and universities’ cowardice concerning divestments

Post Paris Accord assessment by Kevin Anderson

Why “strident” is now necessary when discussing climate change

The rest of the story by Robert Parry

May 2016

Ronald Reagan’s GOP

Kudos to a US Senator

April 2016

St. Olaf College’s opportunity for intergenerational leadership

Hillary’s approach no good for addressing climate change

The “solution” offered by the Paris Accord

The other half of greenhouse gas warming

An up-side to a Trump Presidency

February 2016

Why so little ethical guidance from academia?

ExxonMobile continues to deceive

January 2016

How nuclear fits in

Columnist’s policy of 1946 still good today

Yes, indeed, too many scientists are biased

The tyranny of the contemporary

December 2015:

Robert J. Samuelson needs to meet Mother Nature

Why I love and respect Bernie Sanders

Concerning my home where the Buffalo roam

How our Congress “addresses” climate change

November 2015:

The Prince’s Speech:

Can we address even the trivial contributions to climate change?

October 2015:

Something we should do right now – Prosecute!

Democratic Candidates easily Trump the Republicans

We need either better people or a very stiff carbon tax

September 2015:

Why Pope Francis stands out

Two Proofs that the Deniers have achieved their goal

The Republican “debate” on climate change, Not !
Exxon knew decades ago !

August 2015:

Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050 with no economic downsides

Helping Obama get to the Promised Land

July 2015:

The Hansen Paper viewed as a pie plate with ice cubes

Will it be Hillary or Bernie on Climate Change

James Hansen speaks again

 June 2015:

 An exam for professional aptitude

 Halleluiah, our Leader has arrived!

 A stinky solution for beef eaters

– German exceptionalism

 An “American” view on climate change

 Oh Jeb, there you go as well!

May 2015:

 The present disconnect between modern climate science and St. Olaf College, for example

 A peek at Nitwits in positions of power 

 What is Obama’s fossil fuel plan?

 On that 97% scientific concensus on climate change

 The Trans-Pacific Partnership would be good for the planet

 The five stages of Denial Disease


April 2015:

 What if Professor Harold Hill came to Montana?

 Deniers are now denying their denial

 Will we be trying Solar Geoengineering soon?


March 2015:

 GOP traitors to science and country?

 The missing CO2/warming link discovered!

February 2015:

 Why neither Walker nor Santorum can become President

 A letter to the Daily Inter Lake

  January 2015:

 Funny perhaps if the last one wasn’t so tragic

 The Litmus test for global warming

 Gosh, Senator Inhofe, 2014 was awfully hot!

 Of course, the President will veto the Keystone XL bill

 Krauthammer wises up

December 2014: D

 Don’t eat meat!  Uffda, what’s next?

 Why we don’t have the NFPTFCPFM plan

 The government’s role in encouraging entrepreneurialism

 The “not settled” aspects of climate change science

 An artistic blueprint of civilivation’s survival

November 2014:  

 The NFPTFCPFM Energy Plan

 The Darwin Award for 2014

 The “Proof” of AGW

–  Adaptation, Mitigation, and the 2014 IPCC Report

October 2014:

 Is Montana about to add to Congressional ignorance?

 Our Military must operate in the real world

September 2014:

 PERC, Montana’s Judas goat on climate change

 Time for a “good joke”

 Is anyone at PERC interested in the science of clmate change?

 Still waiting for the next Churchill

August 2014:

 Scientific mischief at the US State Department?

 Montana: Big Sky Country, Big Environmental Problems

June 2014: 

 An economic philosophy versus scientific evidence

 Looking for optimism

May 2014:

– Lincoln, Obama, and Climate Change

March 2014:

 Adding natural cycles to man’s effects

 John Kerry and the Iron Lady on Climate Change

Feb. 2014:

 Natural Gas is also a Dead End

 The Simple and Complex aspects of climate change

 Tipping Points, are they for real?

 Critical moment in history just ahead

 For whomever it may concern – my political inclinationss

Dec. 2013: 

 Smartest Idiot of 2013 Award

 The Nitty Gritty of that paper by Hansen et al.

 Why the gloom and doom?

 Political inaction and today’s realities

Nov. 2013:

 So where are we at this point?

 Temperatures, in fact, have increased in the last decade

Oct. 2013:

 The Nuclear Energy Option – go for it

 Saving the Great North Woods

 The missing link for action on Climate Change

Sept. 2013:

 Has the Earth’s temperature stopped increasing?

 Climate Change and US Immigration Policy

Aug. 2013:

 Some thoughts concerning the Oregon tuition plan

 Tick, Tick, and more Ticks goes the Climate Change Clock

 Just an opinion – what science thinks

 FOX’s grip on old minds

July 2013: 

 Miami, however, is doomed

June 2013

 New York’s Mayor plans for the protection of his city

 Climate Change, the Jet Stream, and our weather

May 2013

 A “Profile of Courage” moment for President Obama

April 2013:

 Personal attacks versus science

 Keystone Pipeline will not provide US oil independence

 Climate Report by the National Academy of Sciences

 Uncle Sam becomes a dirty carbon pusher

 Is warming by CO2 irreversible, unstoppable, and/or inevitable?

 James Hansen, the Jackie Robinson of Climate Change

 The Hockey Stick becomes a Wheelchair

March 2013:

 The “All of the Above” cop out

 Welcome to Feelandia

 Feb. 2013:

 Politicians and their personal views on climate change

 – The unwarrrented hubris of mankind and Matt Ridley

 The Business as Usual / Happy Science approach to climate change

Jan. 2013

 The last 16 years

Dec. 2012: 

 –  AGW is our most important short-term problem

 – It’s our cummulative emissions, stupid!

 – My take on Kevin Anderson’s talk

–  A Real Scandal within the scientific community?

Nov. 2012: 

 Watt’s Up at the Denier’s leading website?

Sept. 2012:

 – One politician on board

 – Loss of Sea Ice

 August 2012:

 Telling the truth in a free market system

 June 2012:

 We are not winning this battle

 The Best Energy Policy

 Our smart idiots


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