Posted by: ericgrimsrud | September 23, 2014

Is anyone at PERC interested in the science of climate change?

As a follow-up to my recent post entitled “An economic philosophy versus scientific evidence” (see, I sent the following email to the Property and Environmental Research Center (PERC) of Bozeman, Montana, on September 15, 2014. Unfortunately, it was instantly blocked presumably by the PERC central office managed by PERC President Terry Anderson and was returned to me without being read by him or any other PERC personnel. My email had been addressed to the PERC organization, in general ( and not to Terry Anderson specifically. Since the blockage of this email is not consistent with a previous statement Anderson made to me – suggesting that his staff is free to think for themselves – I have decided to post that letter here in the hopes that some PERC employees might be able to read it and be free to respond. If so and if interested, my return email address is
” To PERC employees:

I am a retired atmospheric scientist (see who has been doing my best to instill a bit of peer-reviewed science into the brain of my old friend, Terry Anderson, who is the President of your organization.

I have gained the distinct impression from my communications with Terry and from his presentations on the website of PERC that either PERC’s or just my friend Terry’s understanding of the science behind the notion of global warming is far short of what it should be – given PERC’s interest in and participation in on going discussions of climate change..

Thus, as a professional atmospheric scientist, I would be pleased to provide PERC employees with a seminar. free of any charges, concerning the science of climate change. My credentials in this area are indicated on my website.

As I travel through Bozeman regularly, simply let me know when you might be inclined to learn a bit more about the science of this exceedingly important topic. Your timely response via return email will be appreciated.

Sincerely, Eric Grimsrud

PS: If this message makes it no further than to the head office of PERC, then please consider it to be addressed to President Terry Anderson. ”


  1. Eric,
    Thanks for mentioning Terry Anderson and PERC. I went to the web site and was highly impressed.

    Even though I only heard of PERC today I am going to email them, just as you did. If they respond I will report back to you.

  2. Eric,
    I like the photo that heads your website. It looks eerily familiar. Is it the west of Ireland? The Dingle peninsular? The “Ring of Kerry”?

    [Galloping, Don’t know the origin of this photo, but your guess sounds close]

  3. Eric.
    It has been more than a week. Neither PERC nor Terry Anderson has bothered to reply to my email.

    Folks who can’t be bothered to engage with memebers of the general public are worthless so I suggest you ignore these people just as 99.99% of US residents do.

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