Posted by: ericgrimsrud | November 8, 2014

The Darwin Award for 2014

I have been closely watching the political debates of the last 10 years concerning the topic of Anthropogenic Global Warning and have noted that the most commonly expressed “Battle Cries” of the GOP leadership on that subject have changed over that period as follows:

In 2004 is was:

–  ”It’s all a big hoax!”

Then it was:

–  ”OK, but man is not causing it!”

Followed by:

– ”OK, but some warming might be good!”

Then it changed to:

–  ”OK, but what about the Chinese!”

In recent months, it became:

–  ”OK, but I am not a scientist’!”

And very soon I expect it will be:

–  ”OK, but it’s too late to do anything about it!”

By pandering to the public in this way, the GOP has been trading the futures of our descendants for their immediate control of Congress and within two years, perhaps, the presidency.  They have not realized that there are more important issues on the table than simply “stopping Obama”.  While the Republican leaders who have uttered this series of Battle Cries should be in jail by now, instead they have taken over the highest offices in the land.

In its inability to face the looming problem of climate change, our species and the GOP in particular deserve what I will call here the “Darwin Award” for 2014.  That is an award for showing that the most foolish of species on the Earth will not survive and we now have the perfect “leadership” for such an “honor”.  Let’s hope that God does, indeed, help as well as bless America.  Mother Nature is certainly not going to.

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