Posted by: ericgrimsrud | May 18, 2015

On that 97% scientific consensus

First, it’s time to inject a bit of humor on this website.  If you haven’t seen it already, have look at this video which sets the tone for this post.

For a more serious and very recent assessment of the question, “is it really true that 97% of our professional climate scientists studying man-caused global warming agree that it is occurring and should be addressed in a timely manner?” see

This claim by professional scientists and their organizations has been repeatedly questioned over the last several years.  Nevertheless, surveys among actual climate scientists (that is, scientists whose day job is to study this specific issue and whose work is sufficiently credible as to pass the peer reviews system of our scientific journals) have repeatedly supported this claim.  Yes, the scientific agreement on this issue is as close to being “unanimous” as any complex scientific issue can be.  It’s time to face the problem (which we have not yet appropriately done) move on to solutions (which need to be applied immediately).

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