Posted by: ericgrimsrud | July 10, 2015

The BS concerning oil independence continues

We hear lot from our country’s fossil fuel corporations about the great need of our country to have our very own supplies of oil so that we are not dependent on foreign supplies.  OK, but then along come articles such as the one appearing this morning in the Washington Post  (see it at  )    that tells the larger story concerning our oil corporation’s real interests.

This article, entitled “Lifting the crude oil ban would reinvigorate the US economy” is provided by the ConocoPhillips oil corporation and is all about the EXPORT of our oil and has nothing to do with saving it in order to establish our independence.   So please do have a close look at this article and the next time you hear one of these corporations tell you about our need to become oil-independent  you should tell them, OK, but then let’s save that oil within our own country’s borders and, for that purpose, why not just leave most of it in the ground until it is needed here.

Just for emphasis in your statement to them, you might want to inject a “STUPID” in there somewhere, but I myself don’t think that word applies here.  These guys are not stupid with respect to the promotion of their product.  They just hope you are.

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