Posted by: ericgrimsrud | February 9, 2017 recognized by Feedspot

When one manages a one-person, low-budget, low-profile blog, it is easy to think that its author is the only person paying much attention to it. Therefore, I was heartened to learn that Feedspot has deemed to be one of the 40 best blogs dealing with the subject of climate change. This list can be seen at  as well as the criteria they used for their ranking. Since my blog was ranked right at the #40 cutoff point a couple days ago when I received this recognition, I will obviously have to continue to do my very best in order to retain this much-appreciated acknowledgement. I will do that, of course, and I thank Feedspot for noticing my efforts, to date, which have now been carried on for going on five years with a few posts placed each month.

Feedspot is an online source of information that consolidates references to news and information dealing with many specific subjects of wide interest, including climate change. Shown below is the award seal they granted us for achieving their “Best 40” list in the global warming category.  Note that their list includes websites on “both sides” of this publically unsettled issue.



  1. Congratulations. That is great and well-deserved. Jan

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