Posted by: ericgrimsrud | January 23, 2018

2017, the year our climate began to spin out of control

There are now daily reports of changes taking place on Earth that are directly linked to the fact that our planet is rapidly getting warmer. In searching the internet for the best summaries of these, I came across a recent article in MIT’s publication, Technology Review, entitled “The year climate change began to spin out of control” by its Editor, James Temple. Without additional comment, I encourage you to read this article at


  1. It is a foregone conclusion the warming of our planet is now inevitable. The only conceivable circumstance that could alter this trajectory is a dramatic drop in the world’s population followed by an enforced state of very gradual growth. This translates to economic growth of near zero percent, indefinitely.

    Present resources would be more wisely spent on adaptation to the change, which humans have managed to do quite well. This is more practical, barring the worst case climate feedback loop scenario, which, if it happens, is well deserved. The earth will always take care of itself.

  2. Mike, Thanks for your comments, some of which I agree with. I have the following responses, however..

    Yes, of course the Earth will take care of itself – in that it will change but not disappear.

    The big question for us is what will happen to existing forms of life, including us, as these changes occur. No need to worry about the Earth itself.

    Reduction in the world population will occur too slowing to be of much immediate help n the next crucially important decade or two. It will certainly occur, in spades, after that if we continue our bussiness as usual lifestyles. So population reduction will surely be a result of AGW, but not a timely solution. It was once an opportunity that was unfortunely passed up several decades ago. (Remember “the Population Bomb” by Paul Ehrlich published in 1968 – and the ridicule it received by the pro-growth folks of that era.


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