Posted by: ericgrimsrud | June 10, 2018

Up-to-date summary by Kevin Anderson

Over the six years that this web site has been running, I have occasionally included comments and major addresses by Kevin Anderson, a British atmospheric scientist and international leader in the field of climate change. This post points to one of his latest addresses given in Manchester, England, in March of 2018.

The U-tube video to be referred to here includes introductory comments by the mayor of Manchester and then the address of Kevin Anderson, starting at about 20 minutes into the program. 

Please listen carefully to Dr. Anderson’s comments.  He differs from most scientists in that he does not try to “soft peddle” the realities associated with our rising CO2 levels.  For a variety of reasons, many do not like to hear what Dr. Anderson has to say. One of these reasons is that many do not want it to be known that they were provided the “unvarnished truth” about climate change while we still had a chance to do something about it.  This large group includes a multitude of public officials, industrial and academic leaders, as well as members of the general public. None of us want the historic record to show how utterly foolish we have been.      

So, its your choice.  Listen to or ignore one of the most accurate assessments of our present state and the future at:


  1. Mark Twain was obviously talking about Andy Burnham & Kevin Anderson kind of “science” when he stated this: “There is something fascinating about science. One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture out of such trifling investment of facts.” Mark Twain

    • Hi Swallow, I hope you will forgive me, but I was wondering about your motivation for writing a rather flippant comment. I can see several possibilities, for example, 1) You really believe that science and its results are arbitrary to the point of being useless; 2) you belive that quoting one historical person proves something; 3) you are just annoyed and write whatever; 4) you think that making a point is more important than climate change; 5) you sincerely belive that the science is wrong but seem to have no valid argument for this conviction; 6) you don’t like expertise in general; 6) you identify strongly with people who stand to lose from cutting carbon emissions; 7) you have for some reasons, joined the propaganda effort of casting doubt on climate science; 8) nothing else to do.
      I would appreciate if you would enlighten me. Please prove to me that I am prejudiced about you!

      • I will devote very little time replying to your inane comment. You say; “you sincerely belive that the science is wrong but seem to have no valid argument for this conviction” The science is not wrong. Valid scientific research done by many real scientist prove that what is occurring now on planet earth regarding T is not unusual for a planet recovering from what is known as the Little Ice Age, that, since you believe the hockey stick graph, you don’t even believe happened.
        You can see the trend in T that has been happening. Eric will not bring this out of moderation due to being rather dishonest; therefore, why should I waste my time having a discussion with you?
        “In other words, over the last dozen years, the earth’s average temperature has remained relatively steady during a time period when the globe should be warming rapidly as a result of human greenhouse gas emissions—or at least that is what all of the climate models are projecting should be happening.
        While you would think this would be headline news—”Global Warming Is Not Proceeding According To Plan”—instead, Borenstein opts to run a story primarily focused on various people struggling to explain why the decline in the earth’s temperature over the past 8 years really isn’t global cooling.”

      • BTW, my wife and I had a wonderful trip to India when we FLEW there like many people who want to get somewhere do in this age that has passed you by. On Feb 26, 2018, we saw the Taj Mahal in Agra. We FLEW to Chennia and on March 2 we went to see the Five Rathas that are amazing carved in situ stone temples. We are going to S. Korea on July 2 until July 12. What have you done of late that is interesting?

      • You are as mistaken about me and my motives as you and Eric are about the trace gas, CO₂, and how you believe that it, in some strange, mysterious manner, can determine what the climate of the earth does. You say for some strange reason: “you don’t like expertise in general” when I certainly regard those who know what they are talking about because they have studied the topic with an open mind and done great research; such as Henrik Svensmark who,
        being a scientist, devised experiments of his own to test his theory and that demonstrates how science works. It is not about a group of self-serving charlatans proclaiming that “the debate is over” when they have no experiment that shows that CO₂ drives the earth’s climate or can even provide the mathematical derivation of CO₂, forcing. His postulation is that cosmic rays that have more to do with the earth’s climate than a trace gas, CO₂, does. You should spend some time delving into what Milutin Milinkovic figured out that has been proven to be true about that bright orb in the sky that is hard to look directly at and one tries to escape the direct rays of in the tropics, the sun, that has always determined what the earth’s climate is. That climate has ranged from snow ball earth to the arctic regions being tropical. Now we are in a inter glacial period that we all need to be happy to be able to live in.

  2. You say: “Please prove to me that I am prejudiced about you!” I do not feel compelled to “PROVE” anything to someone who is not confident enough in what they believe that they do not want to use their real name instead of some rather inane alias like “cognitiophile”, that appears to fit you well because it seems to lack any discernable meaning. I would venture to speculate that since you felt that you had the right to assume 8 stupid qualities about me, all of which are not applicable, that you do not use your real name because you are afraid to encounter someone who knows you and has read some of the unsupported garbage that you produce.

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