Posted by: ericgrimsrud | June 5, 2020

Very Tough Times

It’s difficult to know what to say during these dark times – which involve not only the unchecked advance of global warming, but also now the more immediate concerns presented by the global spread of the Covid-19 virus. And in the meantime, we have also witnessed the undermining of our traditional democratic institutions of governance in the USA – including all of our federal agencies dedicated to the preservation of our natural environment and public health. In addition, we have seen an alarming increase in the use of our military for political purposes, and a deterioration of our relationships with the other democracies of the world. And perhaps worst of all is the fact that all of these setbacks have been facilitated by our very own president and his Senate-controlling enablers of the GOP who seek to divide rather than unite Americans.

The simultaneous occurrence of all of the above problems demands that we think broadly about the solutions required for the preservation of our republic and the Earth, itself – and it is unlikely that such thinking can occur with the mix of politicians presently in our executive and legislative branches of government. For these reasons, I agree with the conservative commentator, George Will, that both President Trump and his enablers in the Senate must be removed from office as soon as possible (see Will’s column bearing this title in the Washington Post of June 2, 2020).  Using his term, our “Crybaby in Chief” and his GOP caretakers simply must go if we expect to successfully address the myriad problems before us.  


  1. Hi Eric and Kathy,

    Your post especially caught my attention today. Yes my friend, we are in a troubled time and our emotions are frail as we maneuver through each day, week and now over three months. Elaine and I are now living in Portland in a CCRC (continuing care retirement community). We are doing well with strict restrictions in place. We miss visiting family and friends, however measures are now being discussed to allow timely reentering.
    I enjoyed watching you previous post and your informative video…well done!
    You both look well and full of that good energy!

    Best to you,


    Thanks for your comments Jerry and hi also to Elaine. Sounds like you are well settled in a versatile dwelling in Portland. At our age we can’t he sure what;s ahead, so the
    CCRC route sounds like a wise choice. Are you turning the place to vegan? All the Best, Eric

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